Plaszom Zomer Indústria de Plásticos LTDA was born on October 10, 1967, in the city of Orleans - South of the State of Santa Catarina. The company stemmed from the entrepreneurship of Mr. Francisco Zomer, its founder; Plaszom has always relied on the dedication of its associates to make increasingly better products.

Plaszom history is linked to Orleans development path. ZOMER family, Plaszom owner, was one of the pioneer families of Orleans, coming from Italy.
Zomer entrepreneurial spirit is very well represented by the couple Solphorino and Olívia Zomer, who in he 1920's set up a small joinery shop in Orleans.In 1967, Francisco Zomer - one of Solphorino's son - established Zomer Indústria de Plásticos, which is Plaszom origin. Today, Plaszom Zomer Indústria de Plásticos LTDA is arranged into three sites operating in the manufacturing of plastic packages, bags, cups and plastics containers.
In this path Plaszom has always stood out for valuing its human resources and applying state-of-the-art technology to all sectors.


Unidade I

Company specialty is the production of plastic rolls and packages based on PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), BOPP (biaxially oriented polyethylene) and PET (polyester). Suitable for flexographic printing and rotogravure in up to 8 colors.

Unidade II

These sites produce: Bags, T-Shirt Bags, Punched Out Handle Bags and Patch Handle Bags (plain or printed), plastic bag roll, butcher bag rolls and heat-shrink film rolls, and Trash bag rolls. We are equipped with state-of-the-art extrusion, welding and cutting machinery, and flexographic printing with capacity for up to 8 colors (4 front and 4 back). Upon customer request, we manufacture bags with Oxo-biodegradable addendum (d2w® technology).

Unidade III

This site manufactures rigid packaging for food such as yogurt, margarine, jelly containers, etc. Additionally, the site also manufactures rigid transparent cups that stand out in the market for their hygiene, resistance and transparency. All Site III products may be printed with various options, such as pictures and color selection.


We are among Country's leading flexible packaging manufacturers; therefore, Plaszom is always concerned in offering the best packaging solutions to its Customers and to the market, having as foundation the values of its Administration that established along 47 years of operation the concept of a company that meets its obligations, a sound, model company always concerned with its social and economic environment.


Hence, over the last few years, Plaszom has been striving to develop new packaging technologies and concepts by means of its technical, production and business areas; among these, sustainability-oriented technologies and packages that ensure greater service life and easy-of-use to products.


Additionally, the new gearless printers are already in operation providing enhanced quality to printed products and accelerate production speed. According to some equipment manufactures and input suppliers, Plaszom is one out of two companies in the Country that work with printing speed greater than 450 m/min.


A quality control laboratory equipped with cutting-edge physical analyses devices ensures that Plaszom products will fully meet the specifications required and provides a critical support in the development of new products.