Aware of its responsibility towards the communities that host its sites, Plaszom actively takes part in campaigns and services that foster the common welfare. The company constantly supports social, cultural, sports, recreational and leisure activities by means of Plaszom Foundation, Plaszom Athletics Association and Francesco Zomer Institute.

Social Actions

For the company, leading the country's market without engaging with people is not enough. This is the behavior that distinguishes Plaszom and makes it increasingly rooted in its land and its people. Among the social actions involving the company we name the following:

  • Music School;
  • Dance School;
  • Digital Inclusion;
  • Support to the Publication of Literature Works;
  • Participation in Heritage Works Restoration;
  • Sports Championships.

Employee Appreciation

Besides, Plaszom is proud of its employees and individual commitment of each of its associates and works with the purpose of rewarding, developing and retaining its talents. Believing that the well-being of its strategic partners is a critical factor for the proper performance of its daily activities, Plaszom offers a host of benefits to its associates and their dependents. Namely:

  • Gym;
  • Health Care and Dental Assistance;
  • Partnerships with Drug Stores;
  • Distribution of Gifts on Special Days;
  • Distribution of School Supplies;
  • Events on Special Days;
  • Social Inclusion;
  • Social and Educational Lectures and Courses;
  • Pregnant Woman Assistance Program;
  • Viver Project (Life Quality);
  • Dining Hall with Food Prepared by Nutritionist;
  • Meal Voucher.