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About Plaszom

We are among the largest producers of flexible packaging in the country, and as such, Plaszom is always committed to providing the best packaging solutions for our customers.

Plaszom Indústria de Plásticos LTDA was established on October 10, 1967, in Orleans, South of Santa Catarina, Brazil, as a result of the entrepreneurial drive of Mr. Francisco Zomer, its founder.

Embalagens Plaszom - ISO 9001 - Embalagens plásticas, sacolas, copos e potes plásticos


In recent years, Plaszom has been striving to develop new technologies and concepts in packaging through its technical, production, and commercial departments. Among these, sustainable developments and packaging solutions that ensure convenience and longer product shelf life stand out. We have one of the most advanced R&D and quality control laboratories, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from the petrochemical industry. Tests are conducted in accordance with ASTM standards, ensuring standardized results and maintaining our products' prominence in the market.


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