Unidade II
Especializada na produção de sacolas (lisas ou impressas) alça camiseta, alça vazada e alça fita, sacos para lixo em rolo, bobinas picotadas e filmes.

Plain Bags

T-Shirt Bags in Self-Service White Box, with opening device for use directly in the box, with reuse and environment conservation message. We also provide Bags in Brown Boxes of Wicket or Self-Service type.

Printed Bags

Supermarket, Store and Department Store Bags We offer the possibility of manufacturing bags with different colors (white, blue, green, yellow, etc.) and up to 8-color flexographic printing (4 front and 4 back). We may develop other packages upon request.

Plain Package Bags

Leve Mais series contains packages with smaller thickness, very resistant, with the same quality of bags stored in boxes. They are suitable for storage of lighter, non-piercing products.

Trash bags

In order to better serve our customers we provide two trash bag series.

Só Lixo in black color made of resins collected from the production process itself and odorless.

Papa Lixo in blue color made of raw and more resistant resins.

Plain PE Bags - Cover bag

Plain bags with Bottom Weld, with or without side fold. Suitable for care package.

Filme Técnico/ Enfardadeira e Shrink


Filmes de Polietileno de Baixa Densidade, Baixa Densidade Linear e Alta Densidade, utilizado
para empacotadoras automáticas e semiautomáticas com excelente soldabilidade e alta
resistência. Apresentado em folha refilada, enfestado, tubolar ou tubolar sanfonado, Liso ou