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Produz bobinas e embalagens plásticas, beneficiadas a partir dos materiais PE (polietileno), PP (polipropileno), BOPP (polipropileno bi-orientado) e PET (poliéster). Aceitando impressão em flexografia e rotogravura em até 8 cores.

Technical Films

Plaszom co-extruded, monolayer films are manufactured of the best resins available in the market, and ensure a distinguishing performance and high output for your equipment. We have a manufacturing complex with last-generation monolayer extruders and co-extruders that ensure evenness and quality of customer specifications. By means of our laboratory and technical staff we are also able to develop new co-extruded or monolayer structures that meet the specific needs of each product or customer.



We manufacture packages for several business applications, which may contain various features, either technical or visual. They ensure distinction in some sectors as they may be provided with punch, handles, adhesive lap, folds, tear off, degassing valves and packages with side valves.

Flexographic/Rotogravure Printed Films

Relying on one of the largest and better printer complex in the domestic (flexography) market, Plaszom may offer to its customers’ packages and technical films in up to 8 colors with excellent degree of quality. Cutting-edge Gearless Machines (CNC) ensures the best printing for your products. We are also equipped with rotogravure printers that ensure quality and repeatability in large print runs for this sector. 

Laminated Films

Plaszom manufactures laminated packages based on a strict quality control with cutting-edge equipment meeting market requirements. The lamination technology employed uses solvent-less adhesives, free from residual odors, and is specially suitable for manufacturing food packages.